Sunday, November 19, 2017

Everday Moments

Warmer weather means it's time to make some iceblocks - love these reusable moulds!

My desert tose has bloomed.

After lots orf rainy weather, crazy work rosters and a yucky green pool - we finally had the pool cleaned and an afternoon off - so had our first swim for the season!  Look8ng forward to lots more :)

Clay and I spent the day with Ma Ma for her birthday last week - some fun splashing in the pool and silly fun with glasses.

Veges roasting in oven ready to make pasta sauce

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thrifty Thursday

It's been too long between op shop visits, but recently I had 2 separate times where I got to pop in for a look :)  one shop I only had 5 minutes to look, but did manage to find this game (no missing pieces!) - $4

Last week mum, Clay and I spent the morning together- we went to 3 of my fave op shops followed by delicious Chinese lunch.  Some Christmas theme goodies.  Wrapping paper 50% off original price - $2.50

Light spikes $1.00 - got 2 packets of these.  Craig's already started talking about how he's going to set up the Xmas lights this year :)

Sequin pack $2

An Australian themed christmas book 20c - love having these in our collection.  Two books 50c each - to use while the cousins are here for holidays.  I thought the science book was experiments- so think I will offer that to a friend that teaches primary school.

A gorgeous top for me $6

A stunning dress for Becca from the same shop $6

A very sturdy stool $4 - mum is going to cut it down for me to use as a foot step.

A rotating cushion to put in the car - to help get in / out easier $4

Have you found any op shop goodies lately?

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Super Cell

Late yesterday afternoon we were hit with a super cell storm.  I've never seen / esperienced a storm like that - it was insane!!  I was still at work when it hit - so didn't see the storm rolling in, but there were some amazing photos posted on Facebook.  These 2 are the most stunning!!

(Photo credit - Inzane Images)

(Photo credit - Sandy James Horton)

The shopping centre where Craig works was evacuated due to water coming into the building.   On the way home we saw power lines down, whole trees pulled up from the roots, fences knocked over- all from 30 mins of storm!!  We got home and found the only damage was half the tree at the front had been kocked down.  

We didn't have any power so got the torch and glow sticks out :)  I love this picture of Clay!

We eneded up getting power back at lunch time today - 19 hours after the storm hit.  We are lucky - there's still a few people without power.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Yahoo at Yeppoon - Part 3

We were up early to check out of our room, then took the scenic route back to Bec & Dale's. 

We had a delicious hot breakfast together before Becca had to go to a committee meeting, so we said goodbye to her.   

I helped Bella with her cake decorating skills ;)

We headed out the back so Bella and Clay could have a play and pat the chickens.

It was then time for us to say our goodbyes.  We headed into Rocky to catch up with another friend we've known since uni - Nathan :)

We headed home and managed to miss the forecasted storms.  We did have to deal with 2 major power spews from Clay only 30 minutes from home - so much vomit!!! Ewwwww  Poor baby - he never gets travel sick :(  All up it was a crazy, fun filled, wonderful 24 hour trip to celebrate a special birthday for a special friend.  Next trip is to the Gold Coast to celebrate Kristy's 40th in December!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Yahoo at Yeppoon- Part 2

After lunch and a play at the park, we headed to the resort we booked in Emu Park to check in and have a swim to cool down.

After our swim, Bec / Kris & kids headed home and we all got dressed for a birthday dinner.   We went to the bowls club for dinner.  We took a heap of photos outside - some of my faves!

We had some nice meals and took more photos.

After dinner we all headed back to Bec & Dale's to catch up amd enjoy the yummy caramel slice for dessert.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Yahoo at Yeppoon - Part 1

We were up early and on the road to Rockhampton to surprise Becca and celebrate her 40th birthday!!  Kristy flew in the day before to surprise her, but our arrival was still a secret.  When we left it was very foggy, but that lifted and we had gorgeous blue skies.

We headed straight to Yeppoon and surprised Bec :)  She was doing some baking (Kristy was distracing her from tying to leave the house lol) - she was actually making caramel slice to torment me that I wasn't there to have any - back fired when we arrived while she was just adding the chocolate layer bahahahaha

We decided to head to a park for a picnic  - a quick stop at the shops for supplies and found a lovely spot with gorgeous views and a playground for the kids to run around.